The Hong Kong Music Academy (HKMA) is a progressive and proactive music school that welcomes music lovers, offers professional coaches and provides quality performance platforms. It was founded by our director and chief conductor Ray Tsoi.

A place of learning (courses & lessons)
We offer regular instrumental courses, music theory lessons, aural training and children playgroups.  

A place of experiencing (orchestra & ensemble)
We have orchestras and ensembles tailored for different levels of players, in order for our students to maximise their stage experience and demonstrate their music talent through the concerts, music camps and concert tours we hold every year. On top of that, our students are given chances to play with professional musicians, like taking a Masters’ class, enabling them to stretch their potentials. There is a grand integrated audition in August for each coming academic year.

A place of enjoyment
We provide our students the best tuition with world-class equipment and a pleasant environment. All of our instructors are experienced musicians, fully qualified and well-trained to provide comprehensive guidance to our students. In addition to that, we have guest coaches from world renowned orchestras with which our students can enjoy performing. At the same time, we are finalising the details of a fellowship programme for elite musicians from schools, where they can have positive competition with each other and share music together.

HKMA is a place where you can realise your dream. It is where you can experience music with other music lovers. We can fulfill all your learning needs.

Our Vision To nurture all-round, professional musicians with qualities that are internationally recognised.

Our Mission 1.          To give students an intensive instruction in their musical disciplines
2.          To help students build solid music foundation
3.          To develop students’ team spirit and communication skills
4.          To support students in their professional development and lifetime learning
5.          To provide students with a high-calibre music education
6.          To offer students the opportunity to perform at the highest quality possible
7.          To facilitate the preservation, creation, application and dissemination of music knowledge




遠景 給予本地音樂家全面的培訓,助他們蜚聲國際

1.       幫助學生建立鞏固的音樂基礎
2.       提供學生一個高水準的音樂教育
3.       向學生提供最高質量的表演機會
4.       給學生提供一個集中的音樂訓練
5.       培養學生的團隊精神和溝通技巧
6.       支持學生在他們的專業發展和終身學習
7.       協助保存、創造、應用和傳播傳承音樂知識